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 We’re A Full Service Salon & Barber for Men & Women


Blowouts, balyage, beard grooming. We have you covered from the basics all the way to specialty treatments and special event styling on location. Whether it’s waxing, highlighting, or hair extensions, the professional staff at The Cut on Location will groom you to perfection, so that you leave the salon feeling - and looking - your best. 

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For the professional . . .

. . . the Cut on Location removes the hassle of having to leave the office, find parking and then wait for an appointment at a typical brick & mortar salon or barber shop and also provides quite the perk for the buildings to offer their tenants and employees. When we look our best, we feel our best and therefore can be that much more productive! You will now have your evenings and days off to spend with your friends and family, doing the things that you want and enjoy doing vs having to do because it’s a necessary part of keeping well groomed.  Having your hair colored, cut, highlighted, etc at the same location as your work place makes life easier.

For your special event . . .

. . . our shop takes out that extra stop for those attending that want a professional to help them walk in looking there best! When The Cut shows up to your event, you can show up ready to be dolled up and know that you’re going to walk in after lookin hot and putting your best face forward.

For the bride and groom . . .

. . . having The Cut On Location Barber & Beauty Salon arrive at your venue to freshly groom and beautify your wedding party isn’t just a unique experience, it prevents things from going wrong and creates a special space for just you and your special guests. What more could a groom and his guests ask for than a fresh haircut and/or face shave on the day of the wedding! Talk about fun and convenient! And the bride, she gets to sit in a beautiful, full service and super chic salon with all her ladies while they doll up. No moving things around a room and trying to finagle a make shift salon!